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Here is your intro guide to a few teenage engineering products, now available to play with in the sound room in our Stockholm store.


The synth where it all started. teenage engineering OP-1 is the all-in-one portable synthesizer, sampler, controller and 4-track tape recorder. Make music wherever you are with multiple built-in sounds and effects.

Video quick start tutorial:

Alternatively, check out the official quick start guide here.

The color-coded interface makes the OP-1 a synthesizer for everyone. The four colored encoders, and the symbols on the keyboard are all designed for easy reading, and to make it intuitive and non-technical to control and shape your sounds. Sampling is instant with the two built-in samplers, one for chromatic instruments like piano and one dedicated for percussion sounds and drum kits. If you want to create your own sample library, just sample anything using the built-in microphone, USB audio, or line-in.

Anything you play, sequence or tweak you are able to record on the built-in 4-track tape feature and add effects and texture to your sounds with the 4-channel mixer, including eq, multiple stereo effects, and a compressor.

With cut/lift, drop and split, it's easy to edit your recorded material. The feeling of turning a knob to scrub through the tape and press split, is a unique experience unmatched by mouse and keyboard or touch devices. This physical input and feedback makes using the OP-1 more intuitive and natural than more complex systems and helps you focus on the most important things, like making music and being creative.

You can find the full OP-1 manual here.


The teenage engineering OP-Z is an instrument for both sonic and visual creators.

Video quick start tutorial:

Alternatively, check out the official quick start guide here.

A portable 16-track multimedia sequencer and synthesizer that lets you create music with a range of built-in sample and synthesis-based sounds. you can easily add your own samples with the built-in microphone. It also has built-in fx: delay, reverb, bit-crush, and distortion shared across all instrument tracks.

With the OP–Z companion app, you can take full advantage of the multimedia controller, sequencing and creating visuals in photomatic and motion mode. Connect via bluetooth and the OP–Z app will show you the numbers and graphs behind the music you create in real-time. The app unlocks multi-touch features, so you can adjust multiple mixer sliders at once or adjust effects and filters.

Apart from the above, the ability to upgrade your device with firmware updates means more sounds, fx and capabilities can be added throughout the lifespan of your device, so there is always something new to explore in this slimline machine.

You can find the full OP–Z manual here.

pocket operator

teenage engineering pocket operators are small, ultra-portable music devices, with studio-quality sound that give you the flexibility to make music on the go. Affordable for everyone and compatible with all other music gear. There are a variety of models within the pocket operator series, each with its own sound profile and functions.

Video quick start tutorial:

Alternatively, check out the official quick start guide here.

The model we have for you to try in our store is PO-33 K.O! – a micro sampler with up to 40 seconds of sample memory and a built-in microphone for recording. It has 8 melodic sample slots, 8 drum slots and 16 effects – all built into one tiny machine.

You can find the full manual for PO-33 K.O! here.



Teknik för kreativt skapande är vår passion.

Vi på SP älskar kreativitet och vårt fokus är att erbjuda högkvalitativa produkter till teknikintresserade människor. Med personlig service och expertrådgivning skapar vi lösningar som är skräddarsydda för dig och ditt ändamål – till bra priser.

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